Compiling/Exporting to Word

I am having some major difficulties in compiling/exporting my projects to Word (in a .docx format). I have messed around with the settings in the Compiler, and every single time I export it to Word, none of the things I want ever show up (i.e., line spacing, footnotes, etc.) Is there a tutorial somewhere related specifically to Compiling/exporting to Word?


I’ve just compiled to docx ok. I use Custom format and choose .docx output format. The Formatting section of the compile Options are pretty confusing though. If you check ‘Override text and notes formatting’, then click on each Section Type in turn, while each one is selected, click on the sample text at the bottom of the option and you can change the font/spacing etc. Also, if you click on the tiny Options button you can preserve spacing, indents etc.

Thanks for your reply. I’ve gotten that far, but that is where I need some help. My document is double spaced and contains footnotes, and every time I try a different way in the formatting section, it never keeps what i’ve already done. Any tips? Thanks again!