Compiling Fluke

Okay, I’m at my wit’s end here. I have a file that refuses to compile to Kindle on my tablet. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled both Scriv and KindleGen on my tablet. I can compile other files to Kindle. I can take this file from my external drive to my laptop and it compiles fine. But on my tablet, I keep getting an error message. Partly saying it added metadata, but I’ve already got all those blanks filled in. If my file is corrupted, wouldn’t it give me the same error message on my laptop?

What is the error message you’re receiving from Scrivener? That looks like part of the KindleGen log, but there aren’t any errors shown in the snapshot. Does a .mobi file get created at all?

Try compiling to EPUB, and then using Amazon’s Kindle Previewer to open the file. That will use Previewer’s built-in KindleGen to convert the file to .mobi, which is the same process Scrivener uses (it compiles an epub, then sends it through KindleGen to create the mobi) so your file will be what you’d have gotten if the process were working through Scrivener, but it may work better as it will skip dealing with a temp file. It will also show you a complete log for generating the MOBI, so if it does run into an error we may get a better idea what it is.

I’m sorry, I had to crop the pic of the message because the file was to large to attach. So here’s the top. No, it’s not creating a mobi file at all. But when I take the same file to my laptop, it compiles no problem. I can also compile other files to mobi using the tablet, so I know the Kindle Gen is working.