Compiling folder titles AND section titles


First-time-ever using Scrivener, and excited by how many loyal fans it has!

In compiling a project, do I understand correctly (from the manual) that it is not possible to have both folder titles and section titles?

I’ve tried: <$compilegroup> <$sectiontitle>
which ends up giving: PROJECT NAME / SECTION NAME (in my case, name of the notecard)

But I’d love to have it show: FOLDER NAME / SECTION NAME because I have notecards with identical titles belonging to different folders. Right now, I’m having to use page numbers to guess which folder they belong to- I was just wondering if there were a better way to show which folder each notecard belongs to!

The <$sectiontitle> token is set by whatever document last generated a page break. That can be a folder or a document, it doesn’t really matter to Scrivener. A “section” is merely defined as being something that at some point generated a page break. That is the smallest level of detail that Scrivener can “see”, mainly because when we insert a page break is one of the few times we can accurately predict where a section is. At all other times, since the actual process of cutting something up into page sized rectangles is done by the OS instead of us, we have no idea what page a particular portion of your outline falls on.

However if you’re willing to work outside of the header/footer, then you have more flexibility. Then you can print the titles of things directly into the text. The easiest way to do this is to just check off all of the “Title” checkmarks in the Formatting compile option pane.