Compiling footnotes for printing/pdf: footnotes or endnotes?

Hi there —

A question regarding compile for printing/pdf…

On compile for printing/pdf is there any setup (in file > compile > footnotes/comments) that allows me to have the footnotes inserted by the end of each page instead of the end of the textfile or document (thus behaving like endnotes)? I’ve been trying to do it and although the footnotes behave like real footnotes while compiling for rtf, that doesn’t happen with pdf format.

I read the manual (p. 210) and it says: Some formats do not support real footnotes or endnotes. When using these formats, Scrivener will create the appearance of endnotes by embedding plain-text representations for both the marker and the footnote itself. Since most of these formats also do not have a concept of a “page”, it will be impossible for them to generate true footnotes. Consequently, they will nearly always be inserted at the very end of the document, becoming in effect, endnotes.

Is this the case of pdf printing? I’m thought that pdf had the concept of a “page”, but maybe I’m wrong.

There’s no way of doing this, no. To print to PDF Scrivener needs to create a page view (it uses the same one you can use in the editor in fact), so to print footnotes at the bottom of each page, I would have to write a full layout engine akin to Word’s or Nisus’s - that is, I’d have to start writing a full word processor. This is the sort of thing you will still need to use a word processor for, at least for the foreseeable future (as in, until version 4.0 or 5.0 :slight_smile: ).

Okay. Thanks, Keith.

I’ll just export to rtf, open Nisus and print to pdf from there.