Compiling Footnotes (Formatting Nitpick)

I tried searching all over, both the web and these forums with no luck.

When I compile a scrivener project with footnotes (as .rtf), then open it in Word (2008 for Mac), all the footnote numbers are superscript, justified to the left margin without indentation, with just a space between the number and the beginning of my note text.

A normal Chicago styled footnote, however, has the number at the same size as the rest of the text with a period after the number. My usual workflow on a shorter paper is to compile, select all the footnote text, de-superscript everything, indent the first lines, then go through one by one and add periods. This obviously can become tedious on a dissertation with hundreds of footnotes for which you may need to print out a draft every few weeks.

Is there a way to automatically style these in Scrivener’s compile process, or alternatively get Word to import them with the changes. Or, a third (possible?) option, a scripting method to edit the .rtf file before bringing it into Word?


You’re correct that there’s no way of doing this at the moment - Scrivener just places some standard footnotes RTF code into the RTF file and leaves Word to do the rest, but looking into it shouldn’t be too difficult to add. I’ve there added this to the list for 2.1.

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