Compiling & Footnotes


I am trying to compile a draft, but my footnotes are either not going into the compiled document, or appear as endnotes. I am working on a Mac OSX, am choosing to compile to MS Word (although I don’t have word on my machine, it goes straight into Pages). I’m not sure whether this is the problem?

I have used Scrivener to successfully compile with footnotes in place so don’t know why this time I simply cannot ‘get the footnotes to work.’

Any advice appreciated, thanks,

One place to check is the Footnotes/Comments compile option pane. It is in fact possible to completely disable footnotes, or have them displayed as endnotes. Otherwise make sure you are using .doc/x as your export format, as Pages doesn’t work well with anything else.


Thanks for replying, but neither of these are the issue. I am using the Docx format for my export, and there is nothing in the complile/footnotes pane to indicate footnotes are turned off.

If anyone else can help I’d appreciate it. I’m about to start re-typing a 3500 word essay into pages from scratch because of this problem!!

Perhaps I’m not fully understanding the scope of the problem, because even if footnotes were missing, wouldn’t it be easier to start with the compiled .docx file, adding the footnotes back in, than retyping the entire thing from scratch? Is there something wrong with the output beyond the footnotes?

So the next thing to check is whether you are using the improved converters. If you are using the basic OS X .docx generator, then footnotes will be lost as it is rather basic. We’ve for this reason included support for a better conversion engine. Check in the Import/Export preferences pane and see if the appropriate checkbox is ticket at the bottom. You may need to install Java to get things working.

Do you have access to Word or to something like Open Office? It’s possible that the problem isn’t in Scrivener at all, but in Pages’ re-conversion of the Word file.