Compiling Footnotes

I’m having some issues with my footnotes when compiling a project (I’m compiling for .docx). First, all footnotes are indented. Second, there’s a period after the footnote number. Third, the footnote number isn’t superscripted when I open the file with Word for Mac (but it is superscripted when I open it with Pages). See image: 1 is how footnotes look in Pages, 2 is how they look in Word, 3 is how I’d want them to look. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance, and apologies if the answer is obvious—I’m still fairly green with Scrivener.

If you do not get a response from an expert, create a small test SCRIV document that captures your issue, compress it, and post it to this thread. I will be happy to problem-solve it for you.

In your test file, it’s better to use gibberish text rather than your real manuscript.

In the Footnotes & Comments pane of the Compile Format editor, there’s an option to indent footnotes to match the text, and another to toggle between superscript and not for the markers. Make sure those are set appropriately. See Section 24.19.1 in the manual for more information.


Thanks, Katherine, this solved all issues. And thanks, pomme4mois, for the kind offer.