Compiling for CreateSpace

I am trying to compile a completed script as part of the process of getting my book to CreateSpace. I have tried several different settings but I don’t seem to be able to get what I want.

I want to aim for a 5.25x8 in format so i have set that up as 13.34x20.32 cm. I seem to have my margins in inches and my overall page size in centimetres and am not sure how to change that.
My draft script in Scrivener is Optima 13.
On the compile page settings I have my Font as Times New Roman 10 although any changes I make here don’t seem to register when I compile. I am compiling as Printing/PDF but all the output seems to be in Optima 13.

I am clearly missing something here. Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you.

Try using the Formatting pane in the compiler, rather than the font selection tool in Page Settings. The latter is just for setting the font in the header and footer area. The Formatting pane is for setting the format of added elements, like titles, and also can be set up to reformat body text, too. Make sure you have the “Override text and notes formatting” checkbox on at the top. Since this gives you a full editor to set up the text, you can not only change the font, but the paragraph alignment, indents, and tab stops as well.

Thank you, that was the missing link.
I prefer to work in Optima but I think serif fonts are better for the final output.
thanks again.

Agreed. Optima is really great for screen, but looks a bit tacky on a page in my opinion.

Glad you got it working.

Thanks again. Do you know where I could get some advice on the final font for printing? Are the Century fonts better than Times Roman etc?