Compiling for dummies

I am struggling so badly with compiling, and all the online tutorials or videos are for mac. I’m on windows.

I can’t make scrivener stop putting Chapter One on the title page, which is a really dumb place for Chapter One to be. I also can’t expand the custom compile window to actually read what I’m looking at. I don’t want to do anything fancy, I just want the chapter one to appear on the ACTUAL chapter one. This is the least intuitive program I’ve ever paid money for.
[attachment=0]compile 1.png[/attachment]

In Scrivener 1, two documents have the same section layout if they

(1) are at the same level and
(2) are the same document type

This is “compile by structure”.

You need the title page to be different from chapters in one of those ways.

Document types are:
(1) folder
(2) text file without subdocuments
(3) text file with subdocuments

You can make the title page different by changing it from folder to file or vice-versa, moving it left or right (up/down in the level hierarchy), or giving it a subdocument if it doesn’t have any. With enough jiggling, you can make it unique in terms of compile structure.

Chapters are often folders and the title page a text file, so they’re already different.

In Scrivener 3 or the beta, you can make a document different by giving it a new section type.

Message me if you want to go through this in a Zoom session.