Compiling for InDesign import

Is there a way to compile each chapter as its own file in one go? The recommended workflow for book production in InDesign is to import each chapter separately into its own container, but to do this, I have to compile each chapter individually into their own file. This is really slow when you must enter a name for each. I’m looking for an automatic setting for this, and if there isn’t, shouldn’t there be?

Depending on the amount of chapters, you can select a folder containing a chapter and in the Compile Overview window select on top op the right-hand side column next to Compile: Current Selection.
Or you can select Compile and the navigate down your Binder Structure in the same drop-down list From your Manuscript folder to chapters and Compile those.
Or you can click the Filter button next to the drop-down list and select Included Documents and Include Documents in Current Selection.

In all cases you’ll have to compile chapters separately, AFAIK there’s no option to output chapters to different documents.

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Well, that’s a shame. Here’s hoping they add Compile Chapters into Files…