Compiling for Kindle (mobi)

Compile for Kindle mobi using Scrivener 3.1.2 on MacOS 10.14.4.
5k iMac 2017

Edit one of my Section Layouts by double clicking the specific layout I want to edit. This example is the Epilogue Section Layout I created.

I want to change the font size between the title and text to a smaller font. When saving the change, the font returns to the size of the title font.

Is this a bug or expected behavior?

Video link here. …

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Anything on this?

Does it work if you delete the paragraph return and use paragraph spacing instead?

Slàinte mhòr.

Indeed, it looks as though you have an empty line inserted after the title, which wouldn’t normally be there - has that been added using a title suffix? It’s strange, because normally editing the size of that would also affect the size of the title. Can you post a sample project showing the issue? (JoRo’s solution is the right one, though - you should use paragraph spacing after the title rather than adding a blank line.)

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I will double check tonight but I don’t believe I have anything inserted after. I will zip up a project file and send it your way tonight.