Compiling for Kindle

I think I might be phrasing my question incorrectly, because I couldn’t find a most likely already given answer. Sorry.
I compiled my MS for Kindle, sent it to myself via dropbox…no problem…but I must be missing a flag or something because if I close the MS and reopen it via my Kindle Fire, it takes me back to the first page…not to the last read location.
Via google everything I read said use Calibre, but I’d prefer to just use Scrivener if the functionality exists.

Also - should I be able to have the same functionality via the Kindle app on my iPhone as I do on an actual Kindle?

Thank you.

I don’t believe you would gain anything by using Calibre, in fact you’d lose out on compatibility as it, unlike KindleGen, cannot create a hybrid book that will open on every Kindle ever made.

As for what you’re describing, that doesn’t sound like anything that is a function of the book itself. All the book can do is specify where it should open the very first time you do so. After that point, in theory, Amazon’s software and devices should remember the last place you closed the book. If one of their devices isn’t doing so, that’s a problem with the device, not the book. :slight_smile: