compiling for kindle

Windows 10 Home Build 19041,746
Scrivener Beta 17
Standard Short Story Template
Compiled with: Default Format
for Kindle Ebook (mobi)

Always get “Kindle Previewer could not be found Please ensure it was installed correctly”

Seems I cannot compile unless I install the Kindle previewer but why is it mandatory? Useful it might be, mandatory it should not be.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong? :wink:

What you are doing wrong is not doing what the program tells you to do.

Kindle Previewer is mandatory, because Amazon doesn’t want third parties to try to write the MOBI format directly. Using the Amazon-provided tools in the way that Amazon directs them to be used ensures that the final product will actually be compatible. Kindle Previewer includes the KindleGen tool, which takes an ePub file and converts it to the Amazon .MOBI format. Scrivener produces an ePub file and then calls KindleGen to perform the final conversion.

I mean, you can waste time arguing about the philosophy of it if you want to, or you can install Kindle Previewer, point Scrivener to the location of KindleGen, and get on with compiling.

Another thing to consider - if you’re compiling to MOBI for publishing with KDP is that Amazon now promotes upload of EPUB. over MOBI.

Last time I uploaded a MOBI file, KDP prompted me to use EPUB instead. MOBI files still work, but they seem to prefer EPUB these days.

There’s another option.

Calibre converts epub to mobi easily enough.

I’ll use that.

So if you’re going to a third-party conversion application…why are you upset about Scrivener using a third-party conversion application, again?