Compiling for manuscript submission to agents

Why isn’t the method to do this simple and intuitive? Why isn’t it one of the built in templates?

I’ve been loving Scrivener up until last night when I tried to compile my novel in order to send it to a friend and discovered that the compiling process not only doesn’t include basic manuscript submission format, but that the process to edit the template is impossibly complicated. I spent two hours trying to get it right and did not succeed. I’ve looked at tutorials and there seem to be infinite steps involved in just doing this one simple that that should be mindless and automatic.

Why are hashtags appearing in my document? Who wants those? Why do I have to fiddle endlessly in order to get the chapter heading to look normal? Why can’t I edit on a page by page basis (as your templates don’t allow me to include section headers that cover several chapters at once?

Very frustrated. Is there a very simple easy to follow tutorial out there that can help me figure out how to do this?

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