compiling for Novel with parts

I’ve been able to work out most of the stuff about compiling, but not this.
The structure is
title page (text)
blurb (text)
Part 1 - with name (folder)
Chapter 1 - with name (folder)
scene 1 (text)
scene 2 (text)
Chapter 2 - with name (folder)
Chapter 3 - with name (folder)
Part 1 - with name (folder)
Chapter 1 - with name (folder)

when I compile, scrivener puts “chapter number” at the start of
title page
part 1
chapter 1
chapter 2 (all chapters)
part 2
all chapters

I want it to print the title of the folder, or text file if it’s a chapter, and not put in “chapter one” “chapter two” etc.

There’s obviously something simple I’ve missed. Any suggestions?


I think it may help if you look at these posts:

No promises as some things may have changed in recent releases.
And this part of compile is neither obvious nor simple.

Thanks for that.
Part <$n>
Chapter <$sn>

automatically numbers the parts and their chapters. Very Useful.

I have manages to suss out what is causing the “CHAPTER ONE” “CHAPTER TWO” etc to appear above each part, chapter and top level text.

If you expand out the compile dialogue to get the options, then look in seperators:
The first entry had ‘empty line’ in the dropdown, but the disabled text box beside it had “#”
I changed the dropdown to ‘custom’ to enable the text box, removed the “#”, and then restored the dropdown to ‘empty line’. Magic! Those pesky “CHAPTER NUMBER” headings disappeared.