Compiling for PDF a Collection, not the Manuscript

Hi all,

I’m writing a Novel with parts and in the Binder I’ve created a Collection of Folders that contain only the Chapters written in a particular character’s POV. But when I try to compile and print just that Collection as a pdf, only the Folder titles appear and none of the actual text/documents/scenes contained within each Folder. I was able to do this once before and I must have changed some settings. In compile -> Summary -> i’ve selected the collection and then under ALL OPTIONS have tried all combinations of the Level and Text check boxes under the formatting tab but nothing seems to work.

I can compile the whole doc if I select Manuscript in the Summary tab but for some reason I can’t compile the Collection I created. Thanks so much. Barry T.

The most important thing to check is the Contents pane itself. Do you see the items in your Binder that actually contain the text of the chapters in this list? If all you see are folders, then that is all you are compiling. If an item is not specifically in this list, it will never be compiled (the inverse is not always true, as something can be in this list but have its “Include in Compile” checkbox disabled, but it is flat out impossible for something to end up in compile and not be in this list).

Also note, the filter option in the Contents compile pane may work better for this than using the Collection as your compile group directly. But with a filter, you still need every single element (presumably the scene documents tagged as being in this character’s POV) present in the Collection. Given that concept, you may also find that depending on how you tagged the POV in the first place, you may be able to skip the Collection entirely and just filter by, for instance, the label.

That’s it! They are just folders, I was duped by the folder icon which shows a text attached, but I can’t open it in the collection. The tagging suggestion sounds like the much better way to go. Totally will be tagging all my POV’s. Thank you AmberV! Lifesaver.