Compiling for poems instead of chapters

I am using the novel format for a poetry manuscript. The binder is great for poetry! I am trying to compile the finished manuscript and can’t prevent chapter headings from appearing on each binder item/poem. How do I compile without these? Please give me a step-by-step! I am a low-tech poet.

This should be fairly straight-forward to do. As you note the novel template kind of assumes that’s what you’ll be creating with it, but it has a lot of flexibility. I have no idea what your project is set up like, in terms of whether you create a folder for each poem, and have a dozen verse files inside of it, or if you have one single file for each poem in a flat list in your Draft folder… well the possibilities are nearly endless. So I can’t give you any specific advice.

Generally though, open File ▸ Compile… and examine the preview column in the middle. Click on the thing that has a chapter heading in it. You should see the elements of your Draft folder light up in the list on the right, that use layout. What you’re looking for here is what Type of item these things are, in the second column.

To change how these elements look, click the Assign Section Layouts… button, at the bottom of the preview column. Select the element Type (that you looked up before) in the left column, and then scroll through the available layouts provided by this project’s compile format. A good choice might be “Titled Section”, if you put the name of the poem into the file you typed it into. Or if you type the titles into the editor, you could just use the “Section Text” layout. This is where specific advice is difficult as I don’t know what kind of Types you have and how you use them.

When you save these settings and return to the compile overview screen, your preview column should not have any “chapter” headings left in it. If you find any, repeat the above.