Compiling for Print (Proofing) with Garamond

Is Garamond not supported when compiling for Print with Layout Type set to Proofing?

Is there a list of the fonts that do work with Proofing?


The proofing engine does indeed have difficulty with some types of fonts, which is why it as labelled as such. We haven’t constructed such a list because it would likely be endless.

Do you have a list of ones it does work with?

It will vary from system to system. The “Proofing” setting calls on the third-party Aspose converters - the same ones that are used for generating .doc and .docx files - to create the PDF. It does this internally the same way as .doc and .docx files are created, by generating an RTF file and converting it. However, the Aspose PDF converter is more limited on the fonts it can embed than the other formats. It can only embed TrueType fonts of type .ttf, .ttc and .otf, I believe (I’m not sure about .otf). If you use Font Manager and look up Garamond, then ctrl-click on the font and choose to reveal it in the Finder, you will see that it is not one of these types (it’s installed by Microsoft Office, I believe). In general, if you look in the ~/Library/Fonts folder, anything listed there as .ttf should work.

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Thanks Keith.

Keith, I was able to see all the .ttf fonts in Finder and quickly select one to use. Thank you again for your quick response.

Still loving your MacBook Air? I think your earlier argument convinced me and I am waiting for a Retina Display or until the MacBook Pro dies.

Glad that helped. And I definitely still love my MacBook Air! I’m really hoping the Retina Display comes to the MacBook Air line in the not-too-distant future too.
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Hi Keith, I decided to use Perpetua TT font. I am working on a translation of the Yijing (I Ching) and have to deal with the English text in Perpetua, the Chinese in STSong, and the Hexagram in IChing (a TT font). Everything is working except for the Hexagram font, it is a TT font. Any reason it would not work?

Screen Shot 2012-11-17 at Sat, 17 Nov, 16.40 PM.png

Thanks, Lloyd

Hi Lloyd,

I’m not sure, I’m afraid - the problem is that the conversion is being done by a third-party engine. If you could sent me a sample file, along with the font, I could pass it on to Aspose for testing if you like.

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Be happy to. How do I send you the font? I can send the file easily.

Keith I send the files in a YouSendIt link to your support@ email address. Link good for 14 days.
Please confirm receipt.
Thank you.