Compiling for Smashwords

I’m having some problems compiling a .doc file to pass to Smashwords.

The first error I got from Smashwords was that my file appeared to be a text/rtf file and has a .doc file extension.

I searched on the forum but came up with nothing specific except perhaps a note about the tools/option/import/export where I changed export to ‘DOC via rtf-based’ to ‘DOC via Microsoft 97-2013’ Then I recompiled and sent to Smashwords. This time I got the following error, word file is password protected please remove password.

The doc file does not seem to be password protected, I can open it with Word. with no password request.

Has anyone got good experience of submitting files to Smashwords without problems?

Update on the above. I appear to have solved this but have to confess I don’t understand what I am doing. I thought I would reopen my .doc file make a small change, resave it and recompile. I noticed it had a header in it which I did not want so I deleted that, saved it compiled it and it passed straight into Smashwords with no errors whatsoever and I can see it in mobi etc. I think it might have lost my footnotes though, so will have to look into this.

If anyone has an idea why I might have cured it by mistake I’d welcome any advice.