Compiling for Two Columns Possible?

Hello all,

I am evaluating Scrivener for Windows and cannot find a way to set up two columns for pages. That is, a format where you have a modest margin around the edge of the page, and then two columns of text in each chapter.

Is this possible? Thanks for your help in advance.

This is not currently possible, although it’s something we do have slated for a future version. For now you’d need to compile to RTF or similar and switch the text to a two-column layout in something like Word or InDesign, then save to your final format from there.

Okay, thanks. It is a little disappointing as many interesting features are tied into compiling with Scrivener.

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I’m hoping it’s a thing in the next version of Scrivener, if it isn’t already a feature.

I believe it to be Mac only at the moment.

Can easily be done afterwards using LibreOffice though.
Since it could otherwise only be done at compile (as currently possible using the Mac version), it is a good equivalent solution in the meantime.
What I mean is that we ain’t missing anything as far as the editor is concerned, since we (the Windows users of this world) wouldn’t get columns there anyways. (Just like the Mac version doesn’t offer either – and most likely never will.)