Compiling, Format As Outliner

Hi. I would like to generate a list of just the titles in my draft folder, more or less a numberless ToC. All I need is the titles.

A forum search indicates that the Mac has a Paste Special command (Copy Documents as Toc) that would do this more directly, but that command isn’t available in Windows.

What I’m doing is:

In the outliner, I’ve removed all the fields except for the Title field.

When I compile that, selecting Format As: Outliner, it gives me exactly what I want, but it’s including the synopsis filed for those docs where that field is not empty.

That kind of surprised me, since Synopsis is one of the fields that can be selectively displayed in the outliner.

Is there some way to suppress the output of the synopsis?

If not, I can deal with it easily enough using a macro in Word, but I thought I’d ask.


You can choose exactly what gets compiled in the “Formatting” pane of Compile - just deselect the “Synopsis” checkboxes.

Hope that helps.

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The “Outliner” format in compile is just the name of the saved preset that uses formatting options to produce an outline; it’s unrelated to how you have Scrivener’s editor set up to show the outline view. I do see though that the name can be confusing, so when we update the default presets for the next release, I’ll give that one a different name, “Synopses and Titles” or the like. It might get revamped a little, so we’ll figure it out when we redo it.

For your own work, once you have the compile settings the way you want them, you can click “Save Preset” to add the custom preset to the pop-up list, available for any of your projects.

Thanks for replies KB and MM.

I think what also might have thrown me is that I took Formatting in the compile dialog to refer to text formatting, so I didn’t look in that tab. Doing so now, I can see how it works.

Thanks again.