Compiling/formatting assistance

Good Morning all,

I’ve recently picked up a copy of the program and so far its been excellent! I’m trying get a manuscript ready for self-publishing and am running into some hiccups.

  1. I’m not sure why the chapter headers start halfway down the page. This might not be an issue but lack of knowledge on my part. I assume the new chapter on a new page was supposed to start at the top.

  2. There seems to be some bleed over at the bottom of a few pages. It looks like it cuts off the top of sentences from the top of the lower page and puts them on the bottom of the previous page.

  3. For some reason when compiling a 9x6 format to a PDF document I lose the last three chapters and epilogue. So far I haven’t been able to fix the issue.

If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Before you go too far with this, please be aware that Scrivener is not intended to replace dedicated page layout software. If you already have a complete manuscript, you are already at the tail end of the part of the process where Scrivener excels.

To your specific questions:

  1. Padding at the beginning of a section is defined as part of the Section Layout.

  2. Having a page break cut through lines of text is probably due to a mismatch between the margins defined in Scrivener and the printable area of the page as the layout engine understands it. Alternatively, you might be using a table or image to force an element to be a certain size, and that element simply won’t fit in the assigned space.

  3. There are some known bugs that might be involved here. What version of Scrivener do you have, and on what platform? Also, are you compiling to PDF, or to Print?

Thank you for the quick reply!

I didn’t realize I would need separate page layout software. What kind of tools should I look at for that part of the process?

  1. thank you for pointing me in the right direction, I’ll start looking through the help files to see where I’ve gone wrong.

  2. What I’m trying to compile is just text with no images or tables. I’m sure its a setting somewhere that I need to play with but can’t find.

  3. I’m using Scrivener 3. I believe its the latest version since I purchased the software about a month or so ago.

Again thank you. so far this has been a wonderful tool to make my writing more organized.

Specifically to that, the place in the document you are looking for is §24.2.5, New Pages, in the Section Layouts area. However that just documents the setting. To get there:

  1. Open File ▸ Compile... and scroll through the preview tiles in the middle column, looking for your chapter heading sample.
  2. Double-click on it to edit the Layout (you might be asked to duplicate if it is a built-in).
  3. In the Section Layouts pane of the Format Designer window you should see the chapter section you’re using selected, with a formatting area in the lower half of the pane. This is where you could change fonts, alignment or other settings. Click on the “New Pages” tab to change spacing settings.

the section layouts feature fixed one of the issues I was having.

I think I figured out why I was having the first two issues when compiling. At the top under compile for I had selected print rather than for PDF. Switching this setting produced a clean, well formatted document. I was able to export to both PDF and a word file and both looked great. I need to adjust some formatting issues that are mistakes on my part as well as work on cleaning up the table of contents page as it looks chaotic in PDF format.

Thank you all for your help and support!