Compiling from the Outliner, or turning it into something useful

Hi there,

I’ve been using the Outline recently to develop a project - Ep 1 of a TV show with five parts. All working well, until it comes to doing something with it outside of Outline. I can’t seem to compile it into anything useful. I’ve had lots of goes trying to turn it into a Word doc but all I get is a blank page. Also is there any way to turn it into a ‘flat’ document I can use in the normal Scivener way. It’s been very useful to organise my thoughts, but where do I go from here?

Thanks - Nigel

If you’re mainly interested in the synopses, you can get something like this:

By doing this:

There’s also File/Export/Outliner Contents as CSV …

Thanks so much for your help. I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner as clearly I hadn’t put notifications to myself.

All the best - Nigel

Also, for what it is worth, if you select some stuff in the Binder and Copy as TOC, then pasting the result into a document will preserve the hierarchy instead of just giving you a flat list. This will only include the titles, not the synopsis content, and the titles will appear as Scrivener links, not just plain text. This is the only way I know to “harvest” the binder/outline structure into hierarchical text.

But maybe your solution on this score is to resist the impulse to pull all that stuff into a single document. With the magic of Scrivenings mode, you can leave all those items in separate docs and work with them separately or together at a moments notice. Best of both worlds!