Compiling headers in different language

Scrivener looks like a great tool and I would like to try it out. I have a couple of larger texts that need to be checked but I work in a different language (Polish).

When I compile a text that is divided into chapters, It looks like this:

Chapter One

Text in Polish

How do I change the header text ‘Chapter 1’ to the polish ‘Rozdział 1’ ?

Thanks for giving Scrivener a try! The “Chapter” prefix you see is coming from the compile formatting. Open File > Compile and click the blue arrow button to the right of the Format As drop-down menu to expand the window. Then select Formatting and click through the rows in the element table at the top until you find the ones with the “Chapter 1” and such displayed in the preview area below. Click the “Modify” button and then “Section Layout”. Delete the “Chapter” text and replace it with “Rozdział”. Change the <$t> counter to <$n> to get an Arabic numeral instead of the number written out. (Currently the numbers are always written out in English, but it’s on our list to have these instead take from the system language setting.)

Thanks, I’m one step ahead :slight_smile: