Compiling Hebrew to docx in version 1.9

This is something that used to work for me in previous versions (I think in 1.7 but am not sure).
I’m not sure when it stopped working since I usually compile to PDF.
Anyways - When trying to compile to doc/docx/odt/rtf it always gets screwed up (left aligned, wrong fonts, punctuation marks getting all mixed up etc.).
I tried all the options I could in the “Export Converters” part in the options (Scrivener, Doc2Any, Word) and they all came up bad.
As I’m using the latest Scrivener version and as I tried all the Export options I’m guessing that my only hope is some sort of hack (which hopefully will require a minimal number of manual actions from my side).
Anybody else experiencing this issue and have a solution (automatic or semi-manual)?