compiling - how do I add a return to a Custom separator?

I have only just started using the Compiler but absolutely love what I can do with it so far - such as generate my chapter numbers so that I don’t have to keep renumbering them as I move them around.

I’m just stuck on the custom text separator. To separate different scenes, I would like to use this separator : ***** followed by an extra return. How do I do this?

Thanks, absolutely love the product!

Hi adj,

So glad you’re liking the program! To add custom separators, in the compile settings choose the “separators” tab and then choose “custom” from the appropriate drop-down menu. You can then type your separator into the text box. Each of the four types of concatenated documents (text/text, folder/folder, folder/text, text/folder) has its own separator, so if you want this for more than one type you’ll need to set it for each.

Hi MM,

Thanks for your response, yes, I found that and it works fine. But what I want as my custom separator is three stars + an extra white line. Stars are easy, stars in the middle of a line are easy, but how do I add an extra white line?


I’ve run into this as well. I think the assumption, is that the manuscript will be compiled as double-spaced, thus adding the extra blank lines, but for direct to ebook and other custom publishing, spacing may often be set to single and so require spaces to be added above and below the separators (or just below as requested by adj). I hope this will be configurable in the released version, though if anyone knows how to do this now I also would love to know.

Is there a standard way of forcing the input of whitespace characters in a text field on Windows? On the Mac these is usually accomplished by holding down a modifier key and pressing Tab or Return to insert one of these characters into a field where these keys would otherwise navigate the dialogue box or commit it.

Yeeah, I haven’t figured that out yet if there is a Windows standard. Nothing I’ve tried here works anyway, but I’m also testing on a VM so key-mapping might be tripping me up.

In Windows, I believe it us up to the application to handle this as they choose. I don’t believe there is any special characters that will accomplish this.

That seems to be the way it is. Hopefully Lee can add this in, as there are several form fields where it’d be useful to put in a return or tab character. In the meantime, if you compile to RTF you can bring the compiled manuscript into Word or another word processor and do a find/replace there to tack on an additional carriage return on either side of your custom separator. Not as elegant as doing it from Scrivener, obviously, but it should get what you want.

Fair enough, doing a search/replace in Word isn’t too bad a work-around.