Compiling images within text

Hello, this is another question about images and compiling.

I’m writing a dissertation that refers to many musical examples that I have saved as pdf image files.

After importing 100 pdf images into the Research folder, I entered image tags in the appropriate places in the text such as <$img.filename> per the advice on this blog post: … scrivener/ and other forum discussions.

However, I must be missing a step. After compiling the document, there are no inserted images. Only the image tag.

I need to compile the chapter drafts, with the image files showing as embedded in the text.

What is the final step in order to have pdf image files included in the correct places in the compiled text?

I believe this is just a syntax error, unless there is some aspect common to all of the graphics that is causing them to not work. Double-check and make sure that the image tag has a colon separating the “img” and the name of the file, not a dot. It should look like

If you’ve already got 100 of these typed in, using Edit/Find/Project Replace… to search for “<$img.”, replacing with “<$img:”, ought to do the trick.