Compiling images within text


First, what I’m trying to do is compile a dissertation from Scrivener to Word which includes about 150 <$img> placeholder tags to images contained in the research folder.

A couple of issues:

  1. The text is not wrapped around the images. Is there a way to set this in Scrivener? If not, does anyone have a suggestion of how I can get word to do this automatically to 150 images?

  2. The titles are awkwardly positioned in relationship to the images, when compiled into Word. If I leave no spaces between the title and the image tag, like this: Renaissance<$img:photo3> then in Word the title “Renaissance” appears at the top of large landscape photos, but at the bottom of portrait photos. If I leave a space between title and tag, like this: Renaissance <$img:photo3> then in Word the title is sometimes left behind when the image appears on the next page. I suspect this problem might be solved if I can get Word to wrap text around all images. But when I wrapped text around one image (in Word), the title then appeared on the side of the image instead of above it.
    I would like to know if anyone has any tips on how to keep the titles nicely positioned at the top of its image, no matter how the text is wrapped around the image. In other words, how do I designate the image titles as distinct from the text that is being wrapped around the images?

Because of the high volume of images, and the number of times that I am compiling, I am looking for system wide solutions that don’t involve manually wrapping text around every image, or manually formatting every image title to appear correctly. Too many images, too many compiles to do this!

Thanks for your help.

Follow up:
This site: recommends inserting a text box into Word for each image. The caption can also be inserted into the text box, for correct positioning. Text then wraps around the text boxes.

Is there any way for Scrivener to accomplish this before compiling to Word?

Is there some command that would instruct Compile to insert the image, along with the caption, inside a text box in Word? That would be fantastic.

The basic answer is that Scrivener does not have support for exporting images with advanced features like captions or in floating boxes, so there is no automatic way of doing this. It’s more of a technical limitation than anything. That’s just now how images are output by the text engine, and we don’t really have access to change how that happens.

Everyone has their own way of working, but I would wonder why you need to compile and fix everything so often? Presumably all of these compiles are for proofing content, and if that is the case cannot a few odd page breaks and “basic” image treatment be ignored? Or if it is past that phase, I’d rather spend all of the time making the very last compiled RTF file look good, and once I start doing that never return to that project. It just seems that at a certain point it’s time to transition out of Scrivener, and if the majority of your job right now is recompiling and fixing images—maybe you should just be making those light changes to the RTF file that already has hours of polish work put into it.