Compiling in norwegian

Hi, I am a new norwegian user. My question is: How do I compile my work in norwegian? How do I change “Chapter One” to “Kapittel 1” for instance?

In you document is it written as

As far as I know Scrivener doesn’t translate documents from one language to another. So if you wrote “Chapter One” that is what you will get. You would have to have it all in your language of choice that you want the final manuscript to be in.

I suppose you could then put it through Google translate. But that seems a clunky solution. But someone is translating an article I wrote into Hindi using google translate to speed it up and then he will clean up the text as he is a native Hindi speeker.

Sorry, that wasn’t what I meant. I write perfectly fine in norwegian, but when it comes to compiling, Scrivener will add a lot of english stuff to it.

You can change the words used for “chapters” and so in the compilation parameters, title option (one for each “level” of title)

Okay, but it Will still say One, Two, Three. Can I use a different placeholder?

The words used for numbering are part of the software’s localisation. So if you are using the user interface a certain language, with the General: Language settings tab, and the placeholder is still printing English, then that part hasn’t been translated unfortunately. Might want to use numbers (1, 2, 3) instead, with the <$n> placeholder.

That said, I don’t see norsk in the list. You could maybe try a trick using Replacements. In the place where you would put the placeholder, perhaps put some characters around it, like {<$t>}, so that it will print {One}. Then you can more safely search for that itself in the Replacements compile format pane to the correct word, and just go down the list of the ones you would need.

Thanks. I’ll try that.

Hmm, giving it a test, it doesn’t look like Replacements “see” these after they are created if that makes sense. They are turned into words after replacements are considered.