Compiling in Scrivener 1.9

I am trying to compile my completed manuscript in Scrivener 1.9 (I gather I need to re-purchase to upgrade beyond there?)

All the videos I can find relate to Scrivener 3 and features I don’t have.

Is anyone able to recommend a video walk through for 1.9 please? Alternatively, I am happy to pay someone to do the compile for me (I have a deadline to provide it in MS Word)

It’s a free upgrade if you bought any version after Nov 20, 2017. If before that, you get a discount.

I can compile it for you. PM me here or at facebook.

Thank you - I ended up doing a bit manually last night to meet the deadline

Never wait until the deadline is nigh to tackle the most important (and complicated) part. I recommend compiling every day from Day One. In five minutes a day, changing one setting and compiling to see what happens, you’ll be a whiz by the time the book is done.

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