Compiling in Version 3 a nightmare

All I have been trying to do for the past seven hours is compile my novel in a pdf to edit the hard copy. No matter what i do something is out of whack.

I only have three measly metadata assigned: Frontmatter (Title page) Chapter Heading (Chapter Opening Pages) and Section (the main text of the novel per chapter) so it shouldn’t be this difficult!

Once I figured out Scrivener 3 prefers the title page outside the main manuscript folder in the binder when I add it to the complie list is keeps getting mashed in with the chapter opening page of the first chapter in a masala of text even though both the title page and the chapter opening page have page break attributes assigned to them.

I attempted to edit those attibutes but nothing is working to separate the title page as a single page then the chapter opening pages as new pages even after I select start on recto page in the new page tab under section layouts.

The other chapter opening pages just ignore the page break attribute running in line with the rest of the main text
without starting on a new pages as I have been trying to get done.

Is my requirement the APP use courier prime and not just courier the problem causing this resistance?

Once I was able to separate the title page and the opening chapter page Scrivener began dropping the text from the beginning of other chapters! After another two hours it guessed the fourteen space padding I gave each chapter opening page was displacing equal volume of text. If I instruct the formatting to include the fourteen line padding the title page and opening chapter page become a mess again. AGGGH!

I miss version two and think I’ll go back down to that version becasue compiling was really much easier and intuitive in that version.

I tried tweaking the assign

Compilimg in version 2 wasn’t very intuitive the first time I used it. I had to buy a book which gave a step by step instruction to understand it.
Version 3 is actually more intuitive, except for us that think it should wirk in the same way it did in version 2.
Did you go through the tutorial highlighting the differences between versions 2 and 3?

A question: why don’t you convert the Chapter Heading documents to folders? That way it’s easier for Scrivener to understand that they are on another hierarchial level than the text.
And did you duplicate the built in basic compile template for pdf before trying to change it? If you do that everything gets easier.

Thanks for replying Lunk, I viewed the youtube video tutorial on compiling and thought i got it.
I’ll try converting from document to folder as you suggest. Then maybe I’ll catch some sleep whew! Again thanks so much

Too understand more about the concepts behind version 3, this “tutorial” is really helpful:

Compile in v2 was the single biggest point of complaint from users - new users found it arcane and difficult to understand the outline-based formatting. We worked really hard to overhaul this for 3.0 to make it more accessible. If you’re coming from v2, it does require a certain extent of forgetting what you learned for v2 and starting over, though. If you come to it with a v2 mindset, you’ll end up making things more difficult than they need to be.

It’s difficult to see why you aren’t getting page breaks when you should from the screenshots. I’d be happy to take a look at the project after the Christmas holidays.

All the best,