Compiling issue. I might be dim.

Hi all- I am in trial mode, and I really like the product so far. Part way through first novel and want to export/compile for my partner to read and pull apart and tell me to get back to my day job.
However, I can only get so far. I thought that the trial was only time limited, but when I try to export with all subfolders in the manuscript ticked, only the first section is compiled into the PDF.
I am wading through some tutorials and I am sure I will learn as I go along.
Is the limitation with the trial software or with my brain.

Guess I answered my own question. I typed each chapter into the the subfolder without creating a “text” doc.
My bad.
Mr Dim
PS sure there’ll be other stupid questions soon.

Welcome to the forum, and Scrivener! :slight_smile:
Hve you done the interactive tutorial?