Compiling issue PDF and Preview

Hello I just started Using Scrivener I’m not sure if this is a bug or not but it seems to me that it is. When I compile my project it makes my Title Page Chapter One and Chapter One Chapter Two and so on.
Thank you!

The compile settings are very flexible and, depending on how you have your meta data filled in, and other bits in the inspector, you could well get the results you got.

It’s worth while spending a bit of time playing with compile and the inspector settings, and seeing what results you get. :slight_smile:

The Inspector checkbox you are looking for is “Compile As-Is”. Scrivener doesn’t attempt to make any guesses as what you’ve got going on, so it isn’t going to see “Title Page” and attempt to intelligently handle it. You might call your title page “Pea Soup”, and then the program would stop working correctly again. So instead you need to give it some hints as to what you are doing. The As-Is flag is just one of those hints you can use. It tells the compiler that the section is not meant to be given an automatic title, and that its text content should not be reformatted.

Note: I think there is still a bug in play that causes the As-Is flag to be ignored. So for right now this won’t work, and indeed you might already have As-Is checked off if you started with a template.

And to just tack on what was said above, it sounds like you’re using a template with custom compile settings or using a compile preset that has title prefixes turned on, so it’s adding a Chapter # prefix to every folder, for instance. You can tweak all of that under Formatting in the compile pane–click the “…” button if you don’t see a bunch of options. (As we fix up the templates and update the user manual, this will all get better explained.) Once there, you can select the different rows and assign which elements are printed–probably now you’re using text and titles for different ones–and by clicking the “Modify” button you’ll get to a window that will let you format the elements and apply a prefix or suffix for the title. You probably don’t want to remove that entirely, unless you don’t want any of your chapter automatically numbered when you compile, but by ticking “Compile As-Is” for your title page as Ioa suggested, it should prevent this prefix (and the title entirely) from being added to your document. That’s what isn’t working quite right in this beta, though it should be corrected for the next one.