Compiling issues to PDF and Docx

I am compiling my novel for uploading to Createspace for Print on Demand. Now, I have tried two formats and here are the issues - the docx version I am getting a font error message back in Createspace about embedding my fonts. The second issue with the docx version, is when I view it, part of the document has, without any rhyme or reason changed to italics. There are two lines of purposeful italics, then suddenly the rest of the font for at least a couple chapters had changed itself into italics when the original chapters and scenes in Scrivener are regular font. The formatting is also off, some of the chapter titles are ending up on their very own page, while some are compiling just fine.

So, upon some reading, I see pdf is supposed to embed your fonts, so I have tried compiling to pdf, and it resolved the chapter title issues and the italics issues, but now it has created another issue. on some pages it breaks the paragraphs nicely and fills the pages, on others it refused to break a paragraph or puts ones that should logically fit at the bottom of the page up to the top of the next page, so I have inconsistent pages throughout, with huge white spaces randomly throughout my novel at the bottom of pages.

I can’t easily fix these, and I have tried changing the compile settings etc, and nothing seems to fix the issues, even when I go step by step through some of the online guides people have up. It’s frustrating, because now I have to go to another computer, send the the document to myself and the spend the time pasting it all into a template so I can be sure my formatting is going to look right, when I bought the Scrivener program to avoid this hassle.

Any tips to fix this quickly and easily, and have it compile properly? Is there a setting I’m missing or is there a few compile bugs to be fixed?


So my solution to this is to clear the formatting on my whole word document and simply recreate the styles, kind of like starting all over… I’ve also tried setting up the epub and mobi files from scrivener, and the outputs are less than stellar for epub, and require kingen or such from Amazon to set up mobi - and since I already have Kindle Previewer 3 which does the same thing and I can covert my word doc to MAC pages and produce a beautiful ebook in epub format through there, I’ve put Scrivener aside.
Disappointed I must say, the program organizes the files wonderfully when I’m writing, but the compile is a total waste of time to even bother with, I hope the bugs get worked out to make it a usuable option - it seems it’s good for writers who are sending manuscripts to agents, but for Indie writers -don’t waste your time trying to compile anything… download it to word, clear the formatting on the document and start over…

Hi, Kate.

Yes, compile is a difficult part of Scrivener. That said, I no longer even own Word, and use Scrivener to format my novels for print (PDF), epub, mobi, and .doc formats. The beauty of this is that I can set up and save my compile formats and produce nicely formatted documents in each target filetype just by switching compile formats and my front matter folder.

What got me past the hump on this was a how-to book from Ed Ditto, How to Format Your Novel for Kindle, Nook, the iBookstore, Smashwords, and CreateSpace…in One Afternoon (for Mac). His example has each chapter in one file. I had to tweak his settings to accomodate the fact that I have chapter folders, and scenes inside the folders, but it was his general approach that got me started.

Hope this helps.

Great link! :slight_smile:

That’s incorrect. Scrivener compiles according to the user’s instruction set. It compiles flawlessly for hundreds of thousands of users, although it can take a little while to perfect an instruction set for each output that a user needs.

Some people might want to go beyond Scrivener’s design parameters, but Scrivener can easily and accurately output for the scenarios you describe.

But good that you’ve found a solution that works for you.

Compile does what you tell it to do. The thing is, it has a lot of options that you have to learn and decide how to use or not use. Compile is in a way a completely independent part of Scrivener, an app in itself that you have to learn to use.

There is a lot of people out there who use Compile to get what they want. So if you haven’t succeeded in getting the output in the way you want, the only explanation is that you haven’t learned how to use it. Learning it is a one-time investment of time. Using Word from scratch every time you finish something, means you have to do it every time…

I found Ditto’s e-book, which Silverdragon suggested, really good, although I have already some knowledge about how to use Compile. Read it! :slight_smile:

I am using Mac os 10.10.5 and Scrivener

Suddenly the compile to pdf function is not working after having worked perfectly yesterday

Any thoughts or solutions?

Maybe it’s time to upgrade to the latest version of Scrivener, 2.8? You will need it if you want to work with both Mac and iOS version.

thank you I have done that but unfortunately no success

You have probably changed something, or something happened to your computer, or whatever. How should we know? :slight_smile:
None of us users in here are psychic so we can’t tell you what happened unless you provide much more information about exactly what you did, before and after, as a start.

The application was working last night.
this morning I added two photos now it won’t compile
That’s literally all I have done since last compiling

Try removing the photos and see if it works then.

removed the photos unfortunately still not working