Compiling Kindle ebooks for Amazon

I have had mixed success with compiling documents in Scrivener to prepare Kindle ebooks. Some work fine on my Kindle, with an image imbedded as the cover; others fail to show the image on the cover, only a blurred camera icon, and the document file names. Yet I have followed the identical procedure each time.

I am also concerned that producing a Kindle version acceptable to Amazon may require far more by way of formatting procedure than a simple Compile routine.

Is there an Idiot’s Guide anywhere to preparing Kindle ebooks for Amazon, step by step? The Scrivener User Manual was written by techies for techies and, to this lay user, makes so many leaps of logic as to be unusable :slight_smile:

If you don’t have it already, create a folder called Front Matter as a top-hierarchy folder. Within that folder, create a sub-folder called E-Book. In that folder, place three files containing the book’s cover (JPG), the book’s title page, and the book’s copyright page.

Then in Compile, at the bottom of the window, choose Compile for Kindle eBook, and near the top of the window, under Cover Image, choose the name of the book cover.

If you use Scrivener’s Fiction > Novel template (maybe also other templates, I’m not sure), you will find these folders already available. This is useful even if you are not writing a novel.

Many thanks, Xuanying. I think my confusion arose because the ‘novel’ template in Scrivener seems designed for preparing a manuscript for transmission to an agent/publisher, not for self-publishing in a Kindle format. So I ignored it. I shal try what you suggest.

Meanwhile, I have acquired Scrivener for Dummies but I suspect its advice, on Kindle publishing, will be entirely opaque to a non-techie :confused: