compiling, levels and headings question


I’m an intermediate user but the compile feature has always intimidated me. As I complete my thesis I need to regularly compile to Word to check how it will look once formatted, with the proper heading styles. I found a word macro that converts scrivener’s output from the pasted rtf (word compatible) to word style headings. (Sorry, I don’t know the geek terms for this.) The problem is that I can’t get Scrivener to format the headings correctly. I can get the levels to work if i use a standard three-tiered structure like:
1 (level 1 folder)
1.1 (level 1+)
1.2 (level 1+)
1.2.1 (level 1+/level 1+)

But numerous problems arise when I try to use a more levels or an inconsistent structure like:
1 (level 1 folder)
1.1 (level 1+) ???
1.1.1 (level 1+/level 1+) ???
2 (level 1 folder)
2.2 (level 1+)
2.3 ???
2.4.1 (level 1+/level 1+) ??? ???

What I’m trying to illustrate is how Scrivener doesn’t seem to be able to adjust the levels beyond 3 or structures that have irregular sub-levels. I’ve attached two screenshots in hopes of illustrating this further.

I suppose I’ve missed a checked box somewhere but I just can’t get this work. Please help!

PS I have a second question about how to restart numbering for different sections or chapters during compile but this is a secondary issue right now.

Well, This is all fully explained here: …

Note to self: When in doubt, check out the manual/tutorials :mrgreen: