Compiling links

For the links that I have set within Scrivener I would like to maintain these links when I compile my project as eBook book.
Is this possible with Scrivener. Many thanks for any advice. Kind regards, Glenn

Yes, they remain as links

Thanks for your very quick reply.

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong but at present when I compile, the links I created in Scrivener are stripped out of the ePub output?

I’m using Scriverner for windows, version (trial version, so far!).


Well I did this with the Mac version 2, but I think there was a tick box to keep them as links.

As Glenn notes, the current stable version for Windows does not support internal cross-reference style links in the eBook or HTML output. As far as I know, while the framework in the user interface now exists, cross-ref links in ebooks are still under development in the beta.

I’ve been trying for an hour. How do you do it? I can’t find a tick box.

Normal url:s? Internet links?
When I compile to epub or mobi they remain as clickable links.