Compiling manuscript wiped my whole project file

I was compiling the manuscript as an rtf file when I got the message “Problem with document…” or something like that - sorry, but I thought it was because I was saving it over another file of the same name. I tried again and got the same message. I then noticed that most, but not all, of the ‘scenes’ were blank. I then tried to load up my previous - one week old - .scriv save, but it was gone - not there. I searched in Finder everywhere - and the external hard drive I have connected to my laptop, but where I have not saved to before. It is not on either drive. I have lost a week’s intense work and I am not happy!

Any ideas? I am using a MacBook Pro 2.33MHz with Leopard. Disk Utility found no problems at all.


OK - I gather from the lack of replies that this is an unusual problem. I am not new to Macs - over 20 years - and this is an odd one. There don’t seem to be any problems with my drive, but the file vanished while attempting to either compile, or backup - not sure which because after the Compile command gave a file error problem I tried to backup and saw the .scriv file in the save window, but it has disappeared and I have searched in many ways - by title, by .scriv and just looked everywhere. I am trying Scrivener and it really has been a great help putting together my PhD thesis - only 10 days using it, and I want to buy it, but please give me some feedback! At least, could someone recommend a good data recovery program as I have been scrupulously not saving to the internal drive - in fact, I have not shut the computer or quit the program since it happened. I rebuilt a new Scrivener project because most of the stuff was in Word and saved as rtf files to load anyway. But I have lost a couple of pages of really good stuff I would love to recover.



Sorry for not replying sooner, I somehow missed this post. I can’t conceive of a situation where Compile Draft would delete your project, as it does nothing with the .scriv file itself and does not deleting… Backup is another matter, though. When you went to back up, is it possible that you changed the default title of the backup to the exact file name of the project as it was already?


Yes, I think I might have, as I was thinking I just needed to replace an earlier test backup I did about a week before.