Compiling MMD --> html as multiple files

Is it possible to compile using the MMD–> html process to produce separate html files, such that each text in the binder appears as a separate html file (and can thus appear as a separate web page, rather than one long web page)?

There is, in the sense that if you compile to “MultiMarkdown” plain, and edit the compile format, you’ll find a Processing pane that essentially lets you do whatever you want at that point, including using a script that chops up the .md file into multiple pieces and then feeds each piece through MMD. That is not something I have experiment much with on Windows native, so I’m not the best to convey details on that, but just knowing that pane exists may be all you need if you’ve done even a small amount of scripting or batch file creation in the past.

Otherwise, I’d recommend installing Pandoc, restarting Scrivener, and then compiling to ePub. As you may know, .epub files are just renamed .zip files, so you can extract their contents, toss the ePub-specific control files and end up with a folder full of HTML files, all wired up together correctly. If you use a lot of cross-referencing between sections, that’s going to be valuable as the split-and-process method I mentioned first would require some thought about addressing links between files.

If you want to stick with MultiMarkdown, then you can use the Processing pane to have it create one. You would just call on the multimarkdown.exe with the right arguments; something like:

C:\Program Files\multimarkdown\multimarkdown.exe -t epub -o <$outputname>.epub

(Scrivener automatically puts the generated .md file on the end of the command line, so you can leave that out unless you need to embed the file name somewhere in a longer command.)