Compiling MMD to HTML with inline images, not working

Hey Guys,

When I compile multimarkdown with inline images to a web page, the inline image is exported properly and put into the folder; however, it seems to add the multimarkdown afterwords because it doesn’t get translated to HTML. My image file is “test.png”. As you can see below it converts to ![][test]

<h1 id="introduction">Introduction</h1>![][test]

<p>As I ..</p>

I am using version for Windows.

Two things:

  • When you get odd results with MMD, a useful troubleshooting step to take first is to compile to plain MMD and examine the text file with your eye for any peculiarities around the area that is malfunctioning. The plain MMD file is what Scrivener generates internally, before passing this temp file off to MMD.
  • When Scrivener generates MMD code, it simply uses the images filename for its internal identification code. So ordinarily you would see something like: [b]![Image Caption](name_of_file.jpg)[/b]. I note that in your case the identification code is merely ‘test’. I’ve seen MMD baulk on image filenames it considers invalid. Path names with spaces in them can cause problems, too. Since ‘test’ is not a valid graphic filename, that could be the source of the problem.

I found it what I was doing wrong… or at least why it wasn’t working.

If I compile a “single” file, everything works fine. If it is a compile with multiple files then it causes the issue I explained before.

I’m not sure what you mean by multiple files, which options are you referring to?