Compiling MultiMarkdown to HTML without table styles

Hey there,
after compiling a MMD document to HTML all the tables like them, you know:

got styles like:

(...) (...)

Having the same problem wir the id-tag before, I found your solution to deactivate the creation of a header-id by chekmark, Unfortunately I didn’t see a solution for the th- and td-tags - and maybe all the other style-tags to come :confused: … Activating “raw-HTML” an “delete HTML-style” doesn’t show me the effect I espected.

I’m not sure which version of MMD we’re packaging with Windows right now, but this looks like it won’t be a problem once we update to MMD6. If you leave the column alignment default by just using dashes, then no inline styles are added anywhere within the table.

You could probably jump over the problem by compiling straight MultiMarkdown from Scrivener, and then processing that to HTML yourself using a standalone install.

Hey, thanks for the quick reply!
Looking forward to integration of MMD6 :smiley:
PS: by only using dashes the compiler is printing “… align left …” :laughing: but maybe I’ve did something wrong.

I just tested using the beta version for Windows, and while it does look like they might be using MMD5 at the moment, that version as well leaves inline styles out unless you specifically align columns. I don’t actually have the stable version for Windows installed anywhere, so I can’t double-check, but I suspect it is using an even older version, like MMD3 or 4, if the results are that different.

If you download the latest version of MultiMarkdown and use that instead of the compiler’s version, does it work better?