Compiling - Novel MS format beta 2.1

Me again. I have everything set up the way the Novel MS Format explanation has it. I do not have chapter titles in the space for the Chapter Heading. i have page breaks where they are supposed to be. I double-checked between what Scrivener said was the Novel MS Format and then, after compiling, checked the .rtf file.

When I compiled the manuscript, I did so into an .rtf file. When I opened the .rtf file ( I also checked in print preview and saw the same thing), the space for the Chapter title (which according to the Novel MS format in Scrivener was to be half a page) was only about the space of five lines or, page-wise, maybe a tenth - definitely not the half page.

The title page had the title of the novel scrunched up right under the table that includes the word count, name, address, etc. even though it’s said to be printed in the middle of the page.

Thanks. I have logged this as a bug.

I installed Scrivener beta 2.1 and I tried to compile the project using the Novel MS format option. I had reviewed the project in Scrivener and everything looked okay.

Once I had compiled it, I opened up the .rtf document in Word and suddenly my file was more than twice as many pages as I expected. When I scrolled down, one chapter ended up having only one letter per line, e.g. the word “looked” takes up 6 lines. Then, the following chapter had the title of a subfolder in the Chapter space after compiling. I cannot delete the subfolder without ending up deleting everything in the folder. (I imported each chapter after one of the betas deleted the whole project and would not recognize the backup but that was like the third beta that came out.)

I had umpteen pages with only a single letter on each line.

And the Chapter title pages are still scrunched