Compiling Novel Parts Separately

I’m using the Novel in Parts format.
I compiled Part 1, printed it and sent it to a critique partner while I worked on Part 2.

My problem: When I tried to compile Part 2, it only brings up the specifics for compiling Part 1. How do I compile Part 2? Is it even possible to compile the parts separately or do I have to compile the entire manuscript, Parts 1 & 2 together?

If I have to compile the entire manuscript, how do I do that? When I click on COMPILE, it only brings up Part 1.

Thank you in advance for your help!
S :slight_smile:

In the Contents compile option pane, along the top, you’ll find a selector for choosing the compile scope. By default this is the whole Draft folder, but you can choose any container within the Draft as the source. Thus you can choose your part two folder and compile only that. It sounds like you might have already done that once for the part one folder, which is why it just compiles out that perpetually now.