Compiling - omitting the default chapter names/numbering.

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I playing around with the Compiling functionality, and I have been looking for a way to omit the default chapter name when Scrivener compiles. What I want to use is my own chapter names, meaning what I have named my folders that contain the various pieces of text.

I have also noticed that when compiling the “Prologue” is completely skipped (meaning that the text is used but not the title of the folder + the text begins at the top of the page, unlike the rest).

Thanks in advance for your help!


Are you using the novel template? If so, that adds the chapter titles in the title prefix (see the “Formatting” pane of Compile and check the “Title Settings”). You will need to get rid of that, or edit it, and tick the titles to be included in that pane. Likewise, you will need to tell the compiler in that pane to include the titles for documents at the level of and the same type as your prologue.

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Thanks for you reply Keith! I will believe that I was using the “NaNoWriMo”-template.
I will let you know how that goes!

Hi again,
I just tried what you suggest, and it did just the opposite. But that’s ok for now, for at least now it doesn’t say “CHAPTER ONE” and “Chapter 1” twice, so it’s an improvement :slight_smile:
What I ideally want it to say is what I have called the folder called “Chapter 1” or “Red Balloon” or whatever. Maybe I just don’t get it :wink:
In any case, thanks for your assistance! :smiley:

Have you looked over chapter 25 in the manual? It goes over the Compile process in detail and should clarify things a bit. You ought to be able to get your folder names (which are, it sounds like, your chapter titles) by selecting the check box to include “titles” for your folders, under the formatting pane:


The pictured settings will give you only the titles for the folders, no text in the folders, so if you’ve included part of your manuscript in the folders themselves and not just as subdocuments, you’ll want to adjust that to also check the “text” box for the folder level. Likewise if you want to include titles for any documents or document groups, not just the folders, you’ll need to check the “title” box for those levels.

Does that help at all?

(PS–Part 3 Step 16 of the Tutorial (Help>Tutorial) goes over Compile in a step-by-step example way, which might be helpful also, though the manual probably has greater detail on the specific settings.)

Hi MimeticMouton
I will check it out this weekend, thakn you for your suggestion!