Compiling Outlines for Word

So in the prior version of Scrivener, I had a very painstakingly-arrived-at set of Compile settings in order to go from the Outline mode in Scrivener to a Word doc for further refinement.

I was hoping that in the new version, the Compile feature would be more intuitive, but I find it to be at least as opaque, unfortunately.

If anyone is a Compile ninja, I am trying to get from the Scrivener Outline version in “Image_01” to the Word document outline in “Image_02.”

Thanks so much in advance for any insight. I’m tearing my hair out!



We have a transition guide available (link below) which provides comprehensive guidance on moving to the new Compile system for 2.x users. It also covers how to bring in Compile formats from Scrivener 2. So, as long as your old 2.x Compile settings were created on the same machine, or were in the project, then you will be able to convert them to a 3.x format with a few tweaks (you just need to understand the new Section Layouts and Section Types features): … date-guide

The example you give would be very easy to set up:

  1. Create a new Compile format.

  2. Create two Section Layouts, one for group titles, one for section titles with synopses. (This works the same as the old “Formatting” tab.

  3. Save the format.

  4. Ensure your folders use a different Section Type to your text documents (in a blank project, folders are set to “Heading” and text documents are set to “Section” for the Section Types; you can change this in the Project Settings).

  5. In Compile, use Assign Section Types… to assign your group titles Section Layout to the “Heading” Section Type (or whatever your folders are assigned to, and your synopsis Section Layout to the “Section” Section Type.

I’ve attached a sample project that Compiles to a format similar to what you are after. Edit the “Outline Example” Compile format and look in “Section Layouts” and “Styles” to see how it was done. (I used styles for the headings because that will give a nice outline when you switch to Word’s outline mode too.) Also check out “Assign Section Layouts” to see how the layouts are assigned to the section types. This took about five minutes to set up and test, and will hopefully get you started (although, as I say, you can follow the transition guide to bring your old format across).

All the best,
Outline-Test (72.2 KB)

Can someone please help ASAP on how to compile my outline + synopsis? I just upgraded to version 3 and have been going at this for more than hour. No matter what outline format I try within compile mode no or how many attempts I make at only ticking the title and synopsis boxes I get the entire manuscript.

I am supposed to have this outline to my project supervisor by tomorrow am–I never thought it would be this difficult to export an outline!

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