Compiling Pain

I’ve read and re-read many helpful posts, fixed many of my compiling problems, but I just can’t quite work out all the kinks in getting my non-fiction manuscript to compile correctly.

My issues aren’t too many. My TOC compiles with some text documents missing, and one has three duplicate entries. Sometimes there are question marks at the end of each TOC entry.

My other issue is block quotes. From this forum I learned how to protect them while allowing the font size to change, but the font size looks big compared to the rest of the manuscript after the compile.

I’ve been compiling mostly with non-fiction hierarchical setting (again, learned of this option by reading forum posts), but I’ve compiled and recompiled so many times I think I’ve tried nearly every setting.

Size-wise, the manuscript is 7 folders, with 50 text documents spread across those 7 folders. There are no sub-folders or sub text documents.

So now I’m compiling with the “E-Book with Parts” setting in .mobi format. The table of contents now looks good, but except that it starts with the front matter as chapter one, the table page as chapter two, etc.

Also, the title page is off-center and all weird herky-jerky after compiling, but before it’s neat and centered. Sigh

For the title page, try checking the “Compile As-Is” box. That will protect the page from whatever changes you’re making in the manuscript overall.

With ebooks, remember that the reader software generally allows the user to override your font settings. It’s very difficult to force particular font settings to appear in an ebook.

Are you using Scrivener’s Front Matter features for your front matter, or is it set up as part of the main Draft folder?