Compiling part of a draft affects project targets

I often need to compile a section of my draft to send out to my critique partner, so in the Compile dialogue I select the relevant higher-level folder (the one containing the relevant chapters) from the dropdown in the top righthand corner of the dialogue box, where it says “Compile:” with a filter icon - a very handy function!

However, when I return to my draft to write, Scrivener thinks I only care about the part I just compiled - for example it tells me that I need way more words a day to finish my draft on time than I did before the compile, because my “total word count” has been reduced to what is in the documents I just compiled. The only way I can find to tell Scrivener to go back to using the entire draft folder again is to open the Compile dialogue and recompile the whole thing! Is this a “feature” or a bug, and is there any way around it?

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Otherwise: holding Alt (under windows – so use whatever the Mac equivalent is), turns the “Compile” button into a “Save” button. No need to recompile anything.

Just set the compiler to the right scope, then Alt + Save.

Thank you! I might have known there was a setting somewhere that fixed this! Even after using Scrivener for over a decade, there are still things about it I don’t know :joy:


Thanks. I tried that. I have both those options checked – “Count current compile group only,” and “Only count documents set to be included in Compile.” To begin with, I don’t understand what the difference is between the two.

So… I go ahead and actually Compile a folder I’ve named DRAFT. Just what’s in that folder – I checked. (I don’t know what the equivalent of the Windows Alt+Save is).

Even with both boxes checked, I can type some words into a document in my DRAFT folder, go check “Writing History,” and see that the “Draft” columns shows zeroes, while the “Other” and “Total” columns show whatever I’ve added.

They are conditions to be met.
The first one is that the file needs to be in the compile scope.
The second that the file be marked to be included in compile.

But that has nothing to do with history. These are for the targets.

In the history, if a file is in the drat/manuscript folder but marked as excluded from compile, any text added to it will be counted toward the “other” category. (If you want this material to count toward the draft word count, likely it is because you plan on having it as part of the final, so why mark it as excluded from compile ? – If you plan on compiling it along the rest, mark it as included already, problem solved.)