Compiling Parts into a Whole: Scenes, Chapters etc.

Hi guys.
Sorry if this has been asked before, but I’m a beginner (just actually evaluating the software, not sure if I’ll be using it but it looks decent so far).
Question is: I know you can make separate documents for chapters, scenes etc and they will at the end be compiled into one document. However, what I wonder is that if I make a document for a chapter, then take a part of the chapter I want to work on so that that particular scene/part is available to me and I don’t have to keep looking through the chapter, how will the programme know at the end not to compile both the, let’s call it scene, and the chapter it refers to? It’s probably a stupid question, but I can’t see how it would work.

Example: I’m working on chapter three, “Exit Music (for Humanity)” but within that I introduce my main character, and have a scene entitled “Blackwood meets the President in the Oval Office”. If I’m working on this, when I have the scene the way I want it, do I have to maybe paste it into the chapter three document, or will Scrivener realise somehow that the text is repeated and make the connection that the two are basically the same?

Again, sorry if it’s a stupid question. My defence is that I’m a stupid person. :slight_smile:
Thanks for any advice.

If you haven’t already, please take a look at the Tutorial project, available from the Help menu, in which all is explained.

To your specific question, the solution would be to just split the chapter into individual scenes. Then when you’re done, you can either merge the scenes back together or have the Compile command do it for you. There’s no reason to have two copies of the scene unless you find it helpful.

Whatever documents you ultimately end up with, you can tell the Compile command to include only the ones that are relevant


Thanks for the reply, Katherine. As it happens, I did read the tutorial all the way through but I didn’t see this specific problem covered. Your answer is very helpful; thank you very much.