compiling pdf - huge file size

I have pictures in my documents and the compiled pdf files are many times bigger than the epub or mobi or html files. Why it that? And what could I do to decrease the pdf file sizes? For instance, if I make pdf from Pages then I can choose, which quality the images should be (to decrease the file size). Is this option hidden in Scrivener somewhere, or is it just missing? Please advise.

When exporting to PDF, the original image files will be embedded into the document, so if you included large files, that will be the explanation. PDF is full-quality, whereas other formats may reduce the quality or size of some pictures, or convert them to lossy formats.

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Hi again,
Please explain what Scrivener is doing to images (jpg). What I see is that when I insert an image (jpg, 72 dpi) into a Scrivener document and then compile the document to epub or html then the image sizes are basically doubled?! The size of the resulting epub file and html folder are roughly the same, but they are double the size of the original images (sizes summed up) that I have inserted. When I look at individual image sizes then I also see a rough 2 times difference in size, original being 2 times smaller than the one after compiling. And then again, compiled PDF file is some 6 times bigger than epub and 10 times bigger than the original images together?!
Please explain, I really need to get to know.

Hmm, not sure what is going on here. Scrivener just saves them into RTF using hexadecimal data, but OS X’s internal conversions that Scrivener uses seem to be swelling the file size, as though it is getting converted to TIFF data somewhere along the way. I’ve added it to my list to look at.

any ideas about when you get to it?

Not really - it’s not a high priority compared to other things I have to get to, and 2.4 is around the corner. I hope to look at it before the end of February, but it may be March. It’s on the list, though, so I will definitely look at it. Please leave it with me.

Just to clarify - this is only happening with JPG files, right? I think it’s caused by the compression factor being different on input and output, which is what I’m looking at, and that only affects JPG files.

jpg is the only image format I am using.