Compiling problems - yet again

I thought this time round I would have it under my belt but, alas, I am finding compile as confusing and irritating as previously. Can you help me get some simple things right? I want to send my book to the editor. It doesn’t need to be in a pristine state. I just want her overview of it before I set my mind to copy editing issues. All I want to do is add a title on a separate page at front of book. But when I try and do this, the title comes up with my old address on it (I have changed address since my previous book). How can I get rid of this? The other infuriating thing it has done is put # between paragraphs. If I can sort these two issues out and send the book off, then I will put a cold compress round my head and try to work out how to use compile correctly. BTW I am using MacBookPro 11.5.2 and Scrivener 3.2.2

The Scrivener > Preferences > General > Author Information form likely contains your old address.

After pressing Compile, and double-clicking the Format you use in the left column, in the Separators tab the Separator between sections drop-down list is likely set to Custom with a “#” in the text field next to it. When you set it to Empty Line, the Number Sign will be gone.

Good luck with your cold compress…